What can you do to avoid overwhelm as a coach -

Jun 21, 2024

Many coaches I've spoken to have a feeling of being overwhelmed by all the things they have to accomplish.

The company isn't sure the person they want to be their ideal customer.

They have too many offers.

They do too many things to attempt to create attention and lead.

It's not easy for them to figure out how they can enroll individuals into their programs.

They have too many programs that they need for gluing together using elastic bands and zaps.

They put too much effort into their clients to burn out even though they are passionate about their coach.

Are any of these topics in tune with you?

 There are three kinds of overwhelm that I routinely observe coaches suffering from:

Overwhelming strategy

Client overwhelm

Systems overpower

Let's examine them each one at a.

Strategy Overwhelm

In terms of strategy, coaches are often faced with too many offers, they're doing too many things in an effort to get more attention or get leads and often they can't decide which type of customer they should target.

The company is also unclear of how they'd like sell to draw customers to sign up for their programs.

At first you'll be experimenting. That's okay.

However, you're really hoping to nail your Five Ones.

The Five Ones say that if you focus on...

One avatar

One traffic source

One offer

One enrollment mechanism

One year

One million dollars in revenue.

When you've reached your million-dollar mark Don't think about creating a second avatar, a different traffic source, a second offer, or a second registration method.

Coaches that aren't earning the amount they'd like to think that they should to add more offers as well as more items, avatars, more traffic sources ... all in an effort to broaden their market so they can draw in more customers.

The exact opposite of actually the situation.

The goal is to narrow it down. Make sure you are particular. Choose.

It's about taking the correct decision.

It's about making a decision that is right and then executing it.

You can make any of them work.

Choose one and stay on it until you hit the million dollars.

I am aware of how difficult this can be.

But with the right mentoring and guidance, you absolutely will be able to make them perform.

If somebody else has been successful at it, then you can do it too.

It's then a matter of finding out the specifics.

Client Refusal

While our coaches are passionate about working with our clients and enjoy coaching, sometimes it can be too much.

When you're doing a lot of 1:1 work for clients, it's very easy to get burned out.

You're constantly saying the same things time and time again.

There is incredible energy flow out of your mind during the course of a session with a client, but you I don't even exactly where it came from. It's fantastic!

You're disappointed that no one else will get to hear your brilliance since you're speaking that in a personal 1:1 conversation!

A few coaches do not just the work in a 1:1 manner, but they're also doing the work on behalf of the clients. The model of a "done-for-you.

You can raise your rates so you earn more money for your coaching and can possibly take on fewer clients.

However, it's not really scaleable.

The most scalable method is to do group coaching.

Create a group plan in which you interact with all of your clients all at once.

The template, the framework and live group coaching and even a community.

Not only do they get you and they also receive each other.

This means that, since the amount of clients increases, so too does the value of your program.

If you're currently not doing group coaching, or if a group-coaching program isn't the mainstay of your business, then this must be your priority and must be your "One offer" in the Five Ones.

Systems overwhelm

It's pretty common these days to have the following: five (or seven), nine or even more softwares to run your coaching company.

Website host like Wordpress or Wix

Email marketing software or the ESP (Email Service Provider) like MailChimp or ConvertKit

Carts for shopping similar to Shopify or Samcart

Course platform or LMS like Teachable or Kajabi

Video hosting similar to Vimeo or Wistia

Funnel software or page creator such as LeadPages or ClickFunnels

Software for community such as Circle or MightyNetworks

Scheduler like Calendly or SavvyCal

Survey Tool similar to TypeForm or SurveyMonkey

Tracking tool for affiliates such as Tapfiliate and Post Affiliate Pro

Sales Pipeline similar to Pipedrive or Close.com

CRM such as Hubspot or Ontraport

   Zapier to tie them all together!  

There's some overlap with this list since some of these tools do multiple things.

There are other terms that are often used and I didn't include.

You see the list gets pretty long pretty quick.

It not only adds the cost of a cost per month.

Additionally, it adds lots of extra work and your mental capacity.

Then there's the fatigue from deciding on all of these tools.

Each category is represented There are a variety of options that each has the advantages and disadvantages, and some of them are in multiple categories.

You have to evaluate them in all of them, before deciding which one you'll use, then figure out how they integrate with other components of your stack.

It's then time for the connection.

Do they speak directly to each other? Or must you use Zapier to "zap" them?

This is another headache, as the connections are fragile.

They'll break, especially when you're on vacation, and it's your responsibility (or your staff if they have one, and if they can figure it out) to repair it.

And then there's the mental bandwidth of having to switch between the softwares, each of which is having a slightly different approach.

It causes lots of context switching in which it is necessary to switch your work style every few minutes.

If your logo appears at more than four locations then it's time to find a more effective alternative.

With NO zaps.

No glue.

There are no rubber bands.

Everything you need to run your business from all in one location.

Like finding your home on the border.

And all the parts talk easily with each other.

Your clients only have to enter their information one time, and you'll have it within your database.

You can connect the opt-in for them to schedule an appointment with you to discuss strategy.

Easy. Clean. Simple.