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Jun 20, 2024

Introducing Social Login for Seamless logins on your WordPress Site

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        Provide access quickly! Create social logins for your WordPress site with Member and benefit from a better user experience and hassle-free admin.

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You're aware of your users are frustrated because you've been through the same frustration. When you log in on a website and find you've completely forgotten your password.

Even worse, you're logging in on a new device so you can't use the password manager. And besides, why did you require a twelve-character password for your coffee subscription anyway?

Micro-frustrations could be the difference between a successful log in, or a user deciding to opt out completely. It could be a disaster for your bottom line.

It's good news that there's a straightforward and growingly popular solution for this problem that's been causing a lot of trouble, and today, it's accessible to every Members Pro and Elite customers: social login.

It was designed to speed up the sign-in process, this feature improves the user experience, which in turn increases member satisfaction as well as loyalty.

We will look into how the social login feature could benefit your company, and the best way to set it up in Member.

What exactly is Social Login?

Asana Social Login option
Asana offers an option to sign in using Google

Social login is an authentication technique that allows users to login on a website with their existing social media accounts, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

Instead of having to remember a new username and password users are able to login to their Facebook or Twitter accounts to access their existing accounts.

For WordPress sites, integrating a social login means providing a seamless, user-friendly experience. Account holders can login quickly, reducing the friction that can result in abandoned accounts and a lack of interaction.

No more forgotten passwords or difficult recovery methods. Just a smooth, hassle-free login experience that keeps them coming back.

The benefits of allowing Social Login for Your WordPress Website

It might seem like a small adjustment, but adding social login features to your website could have significant impact on the profitability of your site. There are many benefits that all make it a no-brainer for the business you run.

1. Keep Members Happy by streamlining the User Experience

We're deep into the time of convenience. From 5G Internet to Amazon Prime, the average consumer expects everything to arrive yesterday.

To be fair or not it is increasingly difficult for people to tolerate of any form of friction in relation to making purchases and accessing services.

Membership sites that depend on repeated visits, having a poor customer experience (UX) just isn't an option.

If you're looking for your business to remain in business, let alone thrive, you need to put every effort into making it as effortless as is possible for your members to get to your website.

        Fewer clicks, lesser frustration. That's the main thing to a better experience. It all begins with the login.        

Social login means that your users do not have to spend any mental energy trying to retrieve their username and password from their memory banks. What they need is just a few mouse clicks to be in! The process isn't any more simple than that.

2. #Hassle-Free Admin

Let's face it - no one enjoys dealing with password resets or the painful process of restoring accounts. By cutting down on this issue, social login additionally decreases the stress on your support staffand keeps your users happy and engaged.

Simply put, using social login can reduce administrative headaches that can take both time and money.

3. Greater Member Confidence Trust is the Trend

Social logins lend a sense of trust and reliability to your website - visitors feel less irritated when something seems familiar and secure.

When users see options like Google, Facebook, or Twitter, they recognize these sites' robust security measures and feel more confident about accessing their accounts.

        This improves your site's credibility by the reduction of hesitation as well as establishing immediate trust in your site.        

Additionally the fact that social logins are commonly used in popular apps and online services.

Zapier social login
Zapier is an extremely popular program that provides social logins to its customers

4. Improved Retention Rates. Keep Reeling Them In

The ease of access to information plays a huge role in retaining members.

In allowing visitors to return to your site with just a few clicks via the accounts they use most frequently on social media, you're making it even easier for them to engage and interact with your site.

In addition, the social login reduces the risk of customer loss if they forget your password.

In a poll carried out by Blue Research, 92% of respondents claimed that they'd opted to leave the website rather than reset or recover login information, and 31% said they frequently use this method.

If you offer social logins to your customers to users, you reduce the likelihood of these issues and offer a pleasant, continuous user experience, which encourages them to connect your website easily and with confidence.

The result: members who will be more likely to remain active and engaged with the content and services you offer.

Social logins boost your odds of turning visitors who are passing through into members for the long haul.

5. Improved Data Security

Every time a user has to come up with a unique password, there's an opportunity for security threats to sneak in.

A majority of users reuse the same passwords across different websites, which could make a security breach the result of a chain reaction of compromise of accounts.

Social login is connecting to the top security infrastructure of the giants such as Facebook and Google and transferring the heavy lifting of managing passwords to the people who are the best at it.

That means that you'll be less likely to be confronted with fears of breach of security or data that can keep you up at late at night. Another reason to get onto this security feature now.

How social Login Helps Increase Revenue

This is the crux of the issue: adding the possibility of a social login to your WordPress Membership site is an excellent business sense.

Each of these benefits can have an impact on your bottom line. Let's summarize and break it down:

Engaged Sales = Increased Opportunities

Social logins remove barriers, and allow for members to engage more frequently.

Easier access means users can quickly connect and engage with your content. This means increased opportunities to increase your membership or cross-sell other services.

Fewer customers = More Revenue Lifetime Value

As long as you keep your subscribers happy, engaged, and coming back for more and more, the more you stand to gain. Through the model of recurring revenue you will see less churn cumulates month on month as your subscribers pay out.

A Lesser Admin = More Value Creation

With a reduced need for admin/support intervention, you have more time and resources to spend creating value for your members.

How to add Social Logins To Your WordPress Website

If you've figured out all the advantages of establishing social login on your WordPress site, it's time for us to demonstrate how you can integrate it with Member.

1. Download the Social Login Add-On

On Your WordPress dashboard, go to the Member tab, then Add-ons. Find Social Login add-on. Click it. Social Login add-on and hit install.

2. Set up and enable your selected Social Providers

After the add-on has been installed after installation, you'll see a social Login option under your Member Menu. Select it Then, select the social service that you want your customers to sign up using.

social login options

Once you click on one of the providers, you must select the Allow Provider option, then click the View Documentation link for a full instruction on how to connect your chosen social provider.

You can

For connecting Twitter as well as Facebook to each other, you'll need create an application using your Facebook or X developer account. It's easy to set up instructions on the steps to follow are in the corresponding knowledge doc.

And voila! It's all done.

Repeat this process for as many different social platforms as you want when customers log in they'll see something like this:

3. Allow Users to Manually Connect

If the email that your users use for their social login corresponds to the one they registered with on your site, their social login will connect automatically.

However, if their emails differ, or they wish to connect using X it is necessary to provide an option for users to join their social accounts manually once they're logged into.

Member makes this easier with easy-to-use shortcodes.


The shortcode generates buttons and descriptions for each social service installed on your site:

example of social logins connect disconnect buttons

Your users now have a the ability to join their social accounts and log in more quickly when they next go to the site!

Get Access in a Snap with The Member Social Login Add-On Today

A social login feature to your WordPress site will directly improve your users experience, and also boosts your overall bottom line.

In allowing users to log through their existing account on social networks By allowing them to sign in using their existing social media accounts, you make signing-in easier, reduce frustration as well as increase confidence.

The result is greater participation and retention rates, as members can login to their accounts easily and consistently.

If you are a site administrator, these benefits result in greater revenue potential. Easier access will result in more frequent interactions with your content which leads to greater cross-selling and selling possibilities.

Additionally, reducing password-related support problems lets your staff be focused on creating value for your clients, further increasing the level of satisfaction and loyalty.

If you offer a social login option, you enhance the user experience and create more enjoyable and more effective and more lucrative membership sites which is the ultimate aim for you!

Now that we've demonstrated how, it's over to you. Add social logins to your WordPress site using Member. You'll reap the rewards of improved participation and retention of your online company.

        Please let us know the way you'll use this Member Social Login extension in the comment area below!        

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